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3 Steps To Creating The Life You Desire!

Hey Ladies

We are loving the summer here in London. The sun is scorching and as usual it is amazing to see the effect the wonderful weather is having on our moods.

I have been speaking to a number of women recently who would like to rev up their boring lives. They find themselves bored, bored and bored but not sure what they need to do to add rev up their lives so that they can start living the life they desire.

You see for some of us when summer comes along our mood changes and we find ourselves being more in line with who we want to be

However we still spend to much time wishing for a better life rather than creating a better life. So I am putting together a free teleseminar on 10th July 2013 where I would share some quick boredom busting, mojo infusing tips to get you started. And during the teleseminar I will be going deeper into the common mistakes women are making that are stopping them from living the life of their dreams.


Creating my life is very important to me. Here is a quick video I recorded a couple of weeks ago whilst visiting the wonderful New York City.


To secure your place on the free teleseminar and to get the information on what I will be covering click here https://brightnowcoaching.leadpages.net/create-your-life/

I look forward to seeing you on the live call

Sonia 🙂

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