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Are You Living On Purpose?

Are you living your life to a plan?

Too many people wander through life haphazardly – latching on to people, jobs and things just because they crossed their path. Then they wake up one day wondering, “How on earth did I get here?” I call it “living by accident.” In order to create a fulfilling life, you have to be purposeful in your decisions. Don’t make your decisions without reflecting on how your decision will impact you long-term. Pursue the things that empower you to express your values and talents. Choose to be around people you feel good being around – inspiring, supportive people who are moving in the same direction as you. Know your purpose and live it every day in your work, relationships, health, finances and spiritual life. ask yourself in what way do you need to begin living more on purpose?


Feel the fear but keep moving!
Fear is as powerful as you allow it to be. Most of us feel fear and interpret that feeling as a warning to stop moving forward. In truth, we should interpret most fear as a natural emotion that pops up every time we venture to do something outside of our comfort zone. When you feel fear, keep moving. It’ll stretch you beyond your comfort zone and closer to your goals. What are you afraid of right now that is keeping you from your best life? Will you make a decision to move forward despite your fear?

More than ever, western culture is fixated on proving your worth through your money and material possessions. Entire television shows are dedicated to showing you all the stuff other people have. After a while, it can be pretty challenging not to compare your “stuff” to everyone else’s. But true self-empowerment comes from knowing that nothing material will ever prove your worth. Your worth comes from who you are and the impact you make in the lives of others. Don’t worry about impressing everyone else. Instead, focus on living the purpose for which you were created; serving and blessing others in a way that only you can.

A Powerful Lesson

This is perhaps the most powerful of lessons. Better choices create better circumstances. It’s not what happens to you that most impacts your life. It is how you respond. Your choices create your future. What kind of future are you creating with the choices you are making today? You can choose to enjoy your life or to be miserable. You can choose to be flexible or keep hitting a brick wall at work or in a relationship. You can choose to pursue your dreams or keep making excuses for why you can’t achieve them. The choice is yours. What new choice do you need to make in your life? I am intereseted in your comments and thoughts.

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    Malik Muhammad
    10th October 2011 at 10:15 am

    Les Brown talks about the importance of having OQP or Only Quality People around us.I believe this and apply it to blogs as well.I like this article for its simple practical reminders.My day is already better by reading it!

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