Books That Helped Me Through Difficult Times.

Books That Helped Me Through Difficult Times

We all have that book or a selection of books that have helped us get through a challenging moment. About 30 years ago I started to delve into spiritual and self-help books.

That time was a very pivotal time for me as I was on a journey to find me, learning to be me, not always getting things right and searching for the tools to help get up each time I would fall. Reading books helped me through a divorce and toxic relationships, single parenthood, grief, attending university as a mature student and inspiring me to strive for more.

In this video, I share some books that have been a source of comfort and hope and got me through difficult times. This is part 1, as  I have many more books I would love to share.

I have listed and linked the books over on my YouTube channel.

Do let me know if you have books that have help you.

Click here or on the picture to take you to the video.

Books That Helped Me Get Through Difficult Times

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Sonia x

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