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    Becoming 50!

    In May I celebrated my 50th Birthday. For me, each birthday is a time for reflection. I am fortunate that my birthday falls towards the end of May which is almost…

  • Inspiration

    The Power Of Affirmations

    Affirmations are amazing, they serve as little reminders to keep me focused and positive. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that quotes and affirmations alone will necessarily change…

  • Inspiration

    What Being 49 Means To Me!

    Top By – Izelia Fashion Hey Loves Today marks two weeks since my 49th Birthday. Since that time I have been reflecting on what being 49 years old means to me,…

  • Inspiration

    Being Optimistic Really Helps!

    Hey Loves I have been thinking about so many things of recent. My Dad had to have unexpected and major surgery last month. We as a family, including my Dad decided…

  • Self-Love
    Inspiration self-Love


    Hey Loves Greetings from sunny Portugal! I am here at the moment with Tony who is attending a kayaking winter training camp. As we are leaving the month of February it…

  • Inspiration

    September Implementation! 

    Hey Loves!! How is it going? I am so excited for this month. I have a number of big things happening my personal life. I also have decided to use September…

  • Inspiration Travel

    Live Life Fearlessly!

    How do you live life fearlessly? On my trip to Spain earlier this month, I decided to throw caution to the wind and try my hand at kayaking. As some of you…

  • Inspiration

    Your Lunchtime Is Yours!

    Hello Lovely Hope you are having a wonderful week. This post is just a reminder about a time of the day that most of us take for granted, our lunchtime. What…