Immune Boosting Ginger, Lemon & Honey Drink!

We are all trying to keep healthy and well at the moment and one of the ways to do so is boost your immune system. One of the ways that I look after myself is making an immune boosting ginger, lemon & honey drink.

Health Benefits

Growing up in a Jamaican household, ginger was a staple home remedy for a variety of ailments. Such as indigestion, upset stomach, menstruation cramps etc. I have carried this tradition through to my own family, with ginger tea being one of the first things I gave my children if they were feeling unwell. And now they do the same with my grandchildren too, which makes me happy.

Ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, lemon and limes are known for their high content of vitamin c and the healing benefits of honey is established among natural health practitioners. I believe that nature has provided us with most of the remedies and preventive medicine that we need.

I’ve been drinking more and more of this concoction over the past few months. I drink this twice a day and can have it either hot or cold. Sometimes, I add fresh mint and or apple cider vinegar to the cup.

I have shown clips myself drinking this on my Instagram stories. My followers have asked me to create a video of how I make my immune boosting ginger, lemon & honey drink.  So here it is.

Please do let me know if you make an immune-boosting drink too, I would love to know.

Click here or on the picture below to watch the video.  How to make immune boosting ginger, lemon & honey drink

Until next time

Sonia x

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I am not a medical professional, I use this drink as a tonic for general wellbeing, so please seek medical/nutritional advice if unwell.


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