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Life Begins At 40?

Hey Lovely Ladies

Is it true when they say that life begins at 40? I did not feel like it did when I was turning 40. I felt quite crappy really. I thought life cannot begin at 40. 40 was the culmination of all of the living I had done before, including all of the previous milestones. All of the opportunities that I embraced, all of the mistakes that had transformed into life lessons, such as the disappointments that I recovered from, flipped around and turned into great results.

Today I am talking to the 40+ Woman

Who are we? What do we do? How do we feel? What are our priorities?

What are the mis-conceptions of what we should and should not do at the age of 40? What are the labels and the imagery that are directed at us. Take some time to think about these questions.

We hear things like 40 is the new 30, but what does that mean? Especially if you did not flourish or were unhappy in your 30’s.

Going back to when I was turning 40, I did not feel like celebrating. I felt that my life was not where I wanted it to be.

My health was not great and although I had secured a promotion at work, changes in the structure at work meant that I felt undermined, unsupported and unappreciated. I just wanted to leave.

Relationship wise, I was trying to hold onto a situation that was not going anywhere. And to top it all off, my son was attending school in Jamaica and I was missing him immensely.

I thought to myself, what has 40 got to offer me right now? Then I realised my problem was not an age thing but was a mind-set thing. My mind was focussing on all things negative rather than the positive. And once I worked on my mind-set so many positive things started to change for the better.

As I grew into and embraced my 40’s I saw it as a time for renewal, reviewing, reflection and revitalisation. And also a time for me to ‘get my sassy back’.

There are so many negative attitudes about getting older such as our looks and our bodies.

Particularly, in western society ageing is not something that is celebrated, where as in other cultures ageing is revered. We should take the view that aging brings about maturity and a groundedness in who you are and what you stand for. My worldview and value system has developed as I have got older and has influence on who I am today.

I tell myself that my age is not gonna stop me from having fun and being young at heart. Sometimes we forget that our 40’s is still very young. Why should I not celebrate all that I am and the journey that has brought me thus far.

I see this as a time to stand up and say to the world I am here and I am gonna rock….
40’s are refreshing if you allow them to be.

Your 40’s is time to embrace and celebrate who you are and who you are becoming, your womanhood, with all of its expressions of maturity, vigor, spirituality, sensuality and sassyness.

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See you there!!

Sonia 🙂

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