Stop Hunger Crime Campaign

You know that I support charitable and humanitarian causes. I  want to highlight the Stop Hunger Crime campaign, that has recently come to my attention. We all know that war and conflict bring a number of issues such as displacement, poverty, disease and hunger and so much more. We see the images in the press of hunger around the world and after years of decline, it is heart-wrenching to learn that the figures are on the rise.

Stop Hunger Crime


In 2017 it was recorded that 821 million people (that’s one in nine globally) suffered from hunger.  In fact, 60% of those suffering from hunger were living in war zones, with conflict being a major factor impacting on hunger and undernutrition.  These are shocking figures, right?

Stop Hunger Crime

Action Against Hunger is a non- governmental organisation (NGO) established in 1979 and has worked tirelessly in fighting hunger in the world. Stop Hunger Crime is a new international campaign launched by the Action Against Hunger to challenge the use of hunger as a weapon in warfare. Action Against Hunger is highlighting these terrible acts and have created 200 sets of cutlery that have been made with unused bullet casings that have been confiscated from conflict zones.

Jean-Michel Grand, Executive Director, Action Against Hunger UK, explains: ‘These seemingly every-day sets of cutlery are forged from a means of inflicting pain that we’re far more familiar with hearing about from the international community; bullets. These brutal and domestic objects, familiar yet unsettlingly heavy, carry a powerful message about a largely unseen weapon that is used to cause suffering in conflicts across the world, hunger. We hope these knives and forks, ordinarily symbols of nourishment and care, help to raise public awareness of the prolific link between conflict and hunger, and to illustrate our commitment to ending this vicious circle.’

Stop Hunger Crime

In preparation in writing this post, I was sent a set of the cutlery and to be honest I was struck by a wave of emotions. The thought that this set of cutlery was actually made from ammunition was a feeling that stopped me in my tracks.


Stop Hunger Crime

Porridge Mums

One of the initiatives that Action Against Hunger has also launched, Porridge Mums. Porridge Mums are groups of approximately 15 women who meet daily to cook nutritious food for themselves and their children, to prevent hunger. Each group receives approximately $68 per month, which is used to cover the cost of food, water, transportation costs etc. In some areas, Porridge Mums also receive financial support and food to their individual households.


How can we help?

We can help by raising the awareness of hunger crime. Action Against Hunger is encouraging us to post a picture on social media where we hold a knife and fork in an ‘X’ position and include #StopHungerCrime. Social Media is a very powerful medium and can be used as a catalyst for change. The wider the outcry, the more attention will be given to this debate.

Stop Hunger Crime

Action Against Hunger report, currently the 3 most urgent conflicts situations are Yemen, Democratic Republic Of Congo (DRC) and Nigeria, Borno State.

In the next few days, the majority of the world will indulge and overindulge in festivities surrounding food. Please give a thought to those whose lives are being ripped apart by conflict and or natural disasters.

To find out more about Action Against Hunger click here.

Until next time.


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