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Hey All

My site has been down for some time and I was unable to upload any posts. This has now been rectified, but whilst the site was down I did actually publish a couple of videos on YouTube and I also sent these posts to my community via my mailing list, so if you are on my list, you may have seen them before.  Anyway, I am going to now upload them here on my blog.

The first post is a video I recorded back in autumn 2019 but did not upload it to my YouTube Channel until January. Reason being, it was the first video of its kind that I had recorded and I was not happy with the quality of it. In particular the lighting and positioning.  But then I was speaking to a fellow blogger friend who encouraged me to post it, as somebody may enjoy it and get some value from it.

Although I recorded this style try on video in autumn, the stying is still appropriate for now.

So here it is. Click here or the picture below to watch and enjoy. 

I would love to know what you thought of this video and if there are any pieces you would wear too.

Until next time.

Sonia x





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