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The Comfort Zone

Welcome to my second blog post.

I was in the gym this weekend. I love weights and was pushing myself a little harder.

Whilst using the machines I repeated to myself the mantra that I usually say in my head whilst I am working out. ‘Pushing against the resistance will make me stronger.’ Not just physically stronger, but mentally and emotionally stronger too.

It made me think about the situations we experience in our lives such as challenges, struggles and barriers. In order to overcome these barriers, develop and get the results we want we have to push against the resistance and step out of our comfort zone.

When we are living in our comfort zone we are ticking along, surviving and not really living. We are not extending ourselves to acquire optimum results. What does the comfort zone look or feel like? I  like to use the analogy of being tucked up under the duvet.

We know what it feels like to be tucked up under the duvet? We feel warm, snug and very comfortable. We don’t want to get up, getting up means we are going to have to  move from this warm, cosy, safe and secure place.

However, although staying under the duvet feels wonderful you can’t stay under the duvet forever. As we all know if we want to accomplish things we have to get up, shake off the duvet and step out from what is comfortable. What does living in the comfort zone look like. Here are some examples:

  • It is said that 87% of individuals are not happy at work . That’s 87% not giving their best either in production or interpersonal skills i.e  how they relate to customers or colleagues . However, although the 87% are not happy they are scared of getting fired, too scared or not motivated enough to change their place of work or career.
  • Accepting a dysfunctional relationship rather than putting in the effort to improve the relationship, or if necessary leave.
  • Being told by a health professional that you need to improve your diet and or lose weight. The comfort zone kicks in and you do not follow the advice. Another example is to continue smoking even though the damage that smoking brings is widely known. Many find that it is often more comfortable to continue smoking rather than to push themselves to give up.

Anyone who has participated in any physical training will know that to improve our physical strength and endurance we have to take our bodies and our mindset out of our comfort zone and push against the resistance to gain the results we want.

If we think of great sports men and women and the world records they have achieved, those results came about because they moved out of their comfort zone and pushed themselves. It is the same in life with the resistances we face everyday.

We could be living more fulfilled lives if we just pushed against the resistance that life presented to us. Instead, many of us snuggle up under the duvet, our comfort zone and let life pass us by.

Think about how you can move out your comfort zone in an area of your life. Write it down. What adjustments could you make to achieve the results you want?

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