Transitioning To Autumn – Personal Style Video

Autumn has arrived and the shops are now filling up with new pieces and trends to keep us warmer and of course, stylish.

My wardrobe needs a little revamping, so I thought I would take you along with me as I search for some new pieces.

You may have heard me say this before, I have difficulty adjusting to autumn and winter. The cold weather and darker days do affect me emotionally and physically. I will write about this in another blog.

However, where my wardrobe is concerned, as autumn kicks in I also miss the light and cool clothing of the spring and summer months.

I must say, that my first impressions of this season’s trends have impressed me. And if like me, and you loved the shoulder pads of the ’80s, then you are in for a real treat. Detailed sleeves and shoulder pads are definitely a thing this season.

In this video, I share what I picked up from a recent trip to my local Zara, where although they had limited stock, I managed to choose a number of items that can be worn on different occasions. Due to the limited stock at my local Zara, the search continues for additional pieces for my autumn wardrobe and I look forward to sharing those with you in future posts.

Click here or on the picture below to take you straight to the video.

Would love to know what are your favourite piece or pieces from the video, and how would you style them to match your own personal style.

Until next time.

Keep safe.

Sonia x

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