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We Are Half Way There!!

Here we are 1st June 2011.  Half way into the year you may ask yourself, where is the year going?

Have you been achieving those resolutions and goals that you may have set at the beginning of the year?

I keep coming back to this because we know how difficult it can be to keep to the promises we made to ourselves in good faith. In January we probably had high expectations for what we would achieve in 2011.

Time Flies

As the saying goes, ‘Time waits for no man’ (or woman for that matter).  We are not in control of time, it keeps ticking along no matter how much we would like to slow it down or speed it up.

Time has a way of reminding us of our mortality, our temporary physical presence here on earth. We live like we are guaranteed tomorrow. We sympathise with those who have a terminal illness as if they have the misfortune of not being able to live out their hopes and dreams.  However, that is the case for all of us.  We are all faced with the same quandary. Ask yourself do you have tomorrow, next week, next month or even the rest of this day?

Time is our greatest asset but we tend to take time for granted and although in principle we say we value time, not many of us live in a way that demonstrates this.

Instead we settle for mediocrity in our lives, putting things off day by day, month by month and year by year.

The way we live should be one where we appreciate the present moment.

We all accept that we are all dying, but ask yourself am I truly living? Death is guaranteed to us all, agreed? Are you living your life with purpose and vision? Or are you allowing your circumstances to dictate the life you live.

We need to inject a sense of urgency in all we do. This does not mean a sense of stress, panic or anxiety. But a realisation that you can do less and achieve more.

Shoulda! Coulda! Woulda!

‘Shoulda!  Coulda!  Woulda!’  This is the great mantra of hindsight, unlived possibilities and unfulfilled potential.

Even if you are not where you want to be in relation to your goals for the year, it’s not too late. You can still make an impact on achieving those goals by taking one step at a time.

When we assess our goals it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Try breaking your goals down into smaller achievable, realistic and timed segments.  For example, if your goal is to improve your fitness this year, you could aim to increase your exercise by incorporating walking as a daily routine for the next 30 days. Try it….

You will feel a sense of achievement by doing something towards your goal.

A Inspirational Story

One of the most inspirational stories I know is about Tererai Trent. Tererai’s story has been featured on Oprah. (see www.oprah.com) Tererai was born and raised in a tiny village in Zimbabwe. Only the boys in her family were allowed to go to school. But her desire for education was so great she secretly tought herself to read and would do her brothers’ homework.  By age 11 she was married and by 18 she was the mother of 3. She would endure beatings from her husband because she wanted an education.

Tererai’s dream was to go to America and earn herself a BS Degree. Her desire for an education was so strong that at the age of 20 her mother encouraged Tererai to write down her goals. She did, she wrote her goals, placed them in a tin and buried the tin under a rock.

In 1998 Tererai, the mother of 5 moved to the US with her husband and children and within 3 years gained her degree. In 2003 (the same year her husband was deported for abusing her) Tererai earned her master’s degree and in 2009 her greatest dream of all was realised when she was honoured with her PhD.

At each step of the way Tererai would return home to Zimbabwe and tick off her achieved goals from her list. Tererai and her mother now raise the hopes and aspirations of other girls and women in the village.

This is a remarkable story that resonates deeply with me. Because I was a mother of 4, who was in an abusive relationship with my boyfriend when I enrolled at university to follow my dream of having a degree. And three months into my degree I found the strength to leave that relationship. I did not have goals written down in a tin but I did have post it notes around my workstation and one of them read  ‘failure is not an option’.

I hope Tererai’s story has inspired you to take action and realise that against all odds you can achieve your goals.

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Remember, a dream is a goal without a deadline….

Sonia x

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  • Reply
    3rd July 2011 at 6:58 pm


    What a great coincedence!! The last two days I hve bn thinking thru to reevaluate my goals & plans for 2011. Here u r with ur great blog confirming it is time to do so. … Tereri, what a remarkable woman! Thx 4 sharing ur own experiece too… I thoroughly enjoyed it, thx Sonia, x

    • Reply
      Sonia Shepherd
      12th July 2011 at 11:59 pm

      Hi Yeshi,

      I am glad that I have shared something that is relevant to you.

      It is wonderful that you are taking time to re-evaluate your goals.

      Tereri’s story is amazing, she is really a inspirational woman.

      Thank you for your comment and wishing you every success for the rest of 2011.

      Sonia x

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