What Being 49 Means To Me!

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Hey Loves

Today marks two weeks since my 49th Birthday. Since that time I have been reflecting on what being 49 years old means to me, as I approach the milestone age of 50.

I am fortunate because my birthday falls towards the end of May and as it’s almost the middle of the year.  I use my birthday to analyse where I am in relation to the goals that I set in December for the year. So for me, I have two focal points in the year, January and end of May.

I have heard that the 50’s is when a woman really comes into her own, she finds herself, becomes self-aware  and tells the world take me as I am. I am finding this to be true. As I grow older I seem to naturally take off the layers that society had me conform to.

I find that I am becoming more patient with people and situations.  A great lesson that I have learned is not to stress over the things I can’t change and realise that everybody has their own journey and life lessons.

I am also learning that I have a number of introvert tendencies that really surprised me. I always thought I was very much an extrovert (I will write more about this in a future post).

The untimely passing of Prince last month at the age of 57 was another reminder to live life to the full now.

I took these pictures on my birthday and I must say that I have to give thanks for my 49 years.

As I move towards 50 may I:

  • Strengthen the drive to become the woman I want to be
  • Embrace life and the opportunities that present themselves
  • See the good in others
  • Help the world to be a better place

But above all let me live life like I mean it.

Until next time


Sonia x


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    Angela Eastmond
    30th July 2016 at 8:23 am

    Thank you for your posts, always inspiring. Love your outfit for your photo shoot. I too will be 49 this year and planning for my 50th, cruise or party or both! Coming into my own mmmm yes I am. I too have recently spoke to a good friend about self work. Working towards my goals as you are.

    Thank you for inspiring me today. Bless

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