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Where Will You Be A Year From Now?


Today I’m asking an important question.  Where will you be a year from now?

I’m asking this question because as we approach the end of the year, We tend at this point to reflect on what we’ve achieved in the current year. Unfortunately many women reflect at this time of the year and realise I’m at the same place I was this time last year and nothing has really moved.

Are you at the same place you were this time last year and the year before that and the year before that?

Is this is you? Yes, this is so common but it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s ok to be in the same place, if that’s what you want. And some women are happy living like that. However, most women are not happy living in that way.

But if you are not happy with your life, if you are not happy with where you are now why wait? Why wait another year to be in exactly the same place you are now.

Why are you paddling upstream, battling against the current? Surrounded by the things and holding on to the habits that continue to keep you stuck year in and year out? Life is not about battling up stream.  Life is about moving forward with grace and ease.

Think back to where you were at the beginning of the year. You may have started the year with high energy, in January and February really excited about what you set out to accomplish in the next 12 months. However, as the weeks and months slip by so do the goals, dreams and resolutions you had at the beginning of the year.

Now fast forward to today and ask yourself what have I achieved this year?

Do you find yourself stuck, frustrated and unhappy? Do you spend time hoping and dreaming that your life will change?

However, as you know dreaming and hoping alone will not change anything. You need to take action for things to be different. The truth is, you may have tried before but now it’s time to be honest with yourself. If your life your life is not where you want it to be then you will have to do something different.

This is what I will cover in this week’s video and free coaching call is how you can go from feeling stuck, frustrated and unhappy. It’s possible to move from giving up on your dreams to moving forward in life, right now, today and not a day later.


Here is the link to get the details for the free coaching call. If you can’t attend live then register and you will be sent the call recording.

I look forward to you joining me live.

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