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Happiness is a choice I make. 

I am always striving for peace in my life. I do not like negativity and try and immerse myself with positive thoughts most of the time. 

Why do I do this? I do not want to go through life with a heavy cloud around me. Instead I want to feel light and radiate light into the word.

I strive to have a positive outlook at most time and this has got me through some tough times throughout my life. It has not always been like this and I have had to cultivate a number of tools to assist me. Such as my spiritual practice and filling my mind with positive affirmations and texts. I will share some of the things that help me in future posts. 

I believe that how I feel is my choice and I have the power within me to be happy, positive and peaceful. But it all starts with a decision, a decision to have a positive outlook. 

Think about this, we all know somebody who has a negative outlook in life. They find it difficult to see the good in situations, their energy is heavy and can even weigh you down to the point that sometimes you have to make the decision to distance yourself from them so that you do not get caught up in their stuff and negative energy. On the other hand radiating a positive energy will have a positive impact on others and can influence them and their lives in a positive way. 

IMG 7702

Choosing a positive outlook may not change the situation (sometimes it does) but it will change how you view it, feel about it and also how you deal with it. Yes, you may say that the picture above depicts my happiness because I was on a beach in beautiful Jamaica. Some people said to me on my return, “I bet you are not happy being back in the UK”, and my answer to them is no. I am not unhappy about being back in the UK as I find plenty to be happy about my life and situation here, you see I always find something to be grateful for. 

I am a firm believer that you can be positive at any point in your life but often we feel that we have to wait for an life changing event to be happy. For example you may say to yourself, that I will be happy when, I get a new job, have a baby, loose weight, have a perfect relationship, have a certain amount of money in the bank. These are great things to aspire to but do not wait to have them in order to be positive and at peace. If you are waiting for these things in order to be happy then you are missing out on being happy NOW! 

Here are some of my favourite happiness quotes:

“Happiness is a journey not a destination”Alfred D Souza

“Whenever you notice your thoughts detour into attack mode, say out loud or to yourself: Happiness is a choice I make”Gabrielle Bernstein

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”Dr Wayne Dyer

“I changed my thinking, it changed my life”Unknown

I would love to hear your thoughts on how you remain positive and even let me know if you find it a struggle to remain positive. Leave a comment below and share your thoughts. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Sonia xx

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