10 Things To Do This Summer!

Summer is, without a doubt, a brilliant season. School is out for weeks on end and the weather is warmer, luring you outdoors and in the sunshine. Maybe you have already booked a summer getaway and can’t wait to take off.
Whether you spend it at home or abroad, here are some tips to have a great summer.

1) Mid-Year Review
Summer means that we are halfway into the year and it is a good time to take stock of where we are with any goals and resolutions we made in January. Don’t worry if you are not where you want to be by now, just commit to taking the next steps. Sometimes we get overwhelmed by the size of the goal but to achieve it all we have to do break it down in small attainable chunks. And if you have made progress then you should pat yourself on the back and celebrate how far you have come.

2) Drink More Water
The body is made up of approximately 55-60% water and in the summer we tend to perspire more which can lead to dehydration. A number of health conditions can be relieved by simply ensuring that we keep our hydration up. Why not add fruit and herbs to your water for flavour and added health benefits? And don’t forget there are apps that you can download to remind you when to drink water as well as track your intake.

3) Keep Your Spirits Up, Create A Summer Playlist.
Summer comes with its own feel-good factor and you can add to this by creating your own summer playlist. You can use an app like Spotify to create or search for a playlist with music that has a summer vibe. Make it fun by creating a playlist with songs you remember from the summers when you were a child/teenager. Even if you do not wish to create your own playlist there are plenty to choose from on Spotify.

4) Get Up Early
You know the saying the ‘early bird catches the worm’. There is a school of thought that suggests you should get up early, between 5am and 6am to make the most of the day and have some quality time with yourself before you start work. However, many struggle getting up early in the winter and autumn months because the mornings are dark and cold. If you can’t do this at once, try waking up 15 mins early each day until you are up at your desired time. Use this time to read, meditate, pray, exercise and set the tone for the day. Give it a try.

5) Sightseeing Tour or Historical Walks
If you are in London check out Black History Walks at for informative walking tours highlighting the contribution of Africa and the Caribbean to London’s history and today’s way of life. I have done one of these walk before and would These are great highly recommended it.

6) Go For A Swim Outdoors
On a hot day head to a pond, lido or outdoor swimming pool. There’s resurgence in the appeal of open-air swimming. Not only is it a great way to cool off and exercise, it’s also for many, an opportunity to try something new. Do a search on the internet to find facilities near you. Please do remember to always abide by safety guidelines.

7) Open Air Cinema and Theatre
Satisfy your appetite for the arts by attending an open-air cinema or theatre, there are many that pop up over the summer months.

8) Festivals, Carnivals & Parties Outdoors
We spend so much time at work or at home so treat summer as the time to ‘partaay’ as much as you can outdoors.
Have fun and do things you may not have done for a long time. Why not play some games from your childhood like skipping or jump rope, hopscotch, champ, jacks, roller-skate or ride a bike in the countryside? Age is nothing but a number!

9) Be Adventurous
Stick a pin in a map and then head to that destination and explore pastures new.

10) Enjoy The Simple Things
It is easy to enjoy the simple things….travel to an open space and watch the sunrise or the sunset or let your troubles go by dancing in the warm summer rain.

Whatever you do this summer, please make sure you make time to recharge your soul. Life can be stressful and we all need to rejuvenate.

Please share with me, your favourite thing to do in the summer.

Until next time


Sonia x


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  • Develop strength and confidence in your body
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You will also leave with a goody bag of products and vouchers to get you started on your health, life & style journey.
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  • Reply
    Maria Tumolo
    23rd July 2018 at 6:13 pm

    I tried outdoor swimming just this weekend. It was fantastic!! We went to Tooting Bec Lido. Dunno about the 5 am start though LOL.

    • Reply
      Sonia Greyson-Newman
      24th July 2018 at 6:50 pm

      Hey Maria
      Thank you for taking the time to read my post and comment. I have driven past Tooting Bec Lido many times but have never swum there. Going to visit Hampstead Heath as they have women-only outdoor pool/lake. Re getting up at 5, I find it so liberating. Get so much done and have some quiet time before the rest of the world wakes up.x

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