Make It Happen For You In 2013

Well we have made it to January 2013 and I hope you are feeling full of energy and vigour.
Firstly, I would like to thank those of you who have contacted me and given me feedback on my last blog post. Your thoughts and comments are really appreciated.

You are probably bombarded at the moment with so many messages regarding New Year’s resolutions and goal setting. And I am sure you have a few that you would like to achieve this year.
If you have not decided what you want to change here are some of the top resolutions for women. I have included my take on each of them.


Lose Weight

This is most likely to be the number one resolution made by women. We are faced with so many images of what the perfect body should look like. There are so many diets out there that you can be confused about which one to take and also is it healthy. There are many diets that appear to be extreme and promising amazing results. I would say rather than focusing too much on being super skinny we should focus on being super healthy. Once you focus on being healthy, what you eat and how you exercise should be about health and if you need to lose weight this will happen, It is a better to approach to sustainable weight loss. Eat less and move more, its always good to try and increase the amount of exercise that we are doing.

Exercise More

Exercise is not just for those who want to lose weight. Exercise has a host of other health benefits including, keeping the mind and body in good working order. Exercise also fights depression and keeps you young. I am not going to go into too much regarding the benefits of exercise as I think you know what they are.


Save Money

You may say you can’t go wrong here, right? Wrong.. There is a saying ‘It’s not what you earn it’s what you keep that counts’. Like with anything you want to achieve, you have to have a plan. This is equally important with your finances, as without a plan you may find yourself living from hand to mouth and unprepared for life’s emergencies.

With all the best intentions we still find being financially savvy difficult. The New Year is a good time to check our spending habits. Check what you are spending money on. Go through your bank statements and see where you can cut back. I am going to do this over the next few weeks. How much could you save by cutting back on the coffee that you buy each day on the way to the office? Or cancelling the subscriptions to magazines and DVD services that you do not use. Taking a packed lunch to work each day can save you a small fortune each year. Think about it, the average lunch costs in the region of £3.50 a day. If you are spending this on lunch 5 days a week that is approximately £70 a month. Multiply that by 12 and we are talking £840 per year. Bringing packed lunches in is going to cost you a fraction of that and is a healthier option.

Spend More Time With Friends And Family

This is one for me to work on, increasing the quality time I spend with the ones who matter most. It is important to spend time really connecting and being present. Your quality of life will improve if you surround yourself with positive and loving people and environments.

Give Up Smoking And Drinking

This may seem like an obvious one but giving up smoking and drinking is one of the top resolutions for both men and women. Did you know that smoking has been attributed to speeding up the ageing process and it is thought that by giving up one can look 13 years younger within 9 months. Plus you can save hundreds of pounds a year!

Be More Organised

I love this one… Being organised is the core of getting things done without the chaos. This is also fundamental in achieving your goals. You may say what you may want, you may even write it down many times. However, If you do not make and organise your time to take action you will not change a thing and remain exactly where you are.

Improve Work/Life Balance

Have you been so busy that you were grateful if you became ill with a cold or flu just so that you had an opportunity to rest, catch up with TV or your favourite books and magazines? I remember when this was me. I would be so busy juggling, work, family and university that being ill was the only time I was ‘allowed’ to take time out for me. That is shocking really, we should never be that busy that we can’t have some downtime.

Give More

Making a commitment to make the world a better place is fantastic. Think about a project or cause far afield or closer to home that is close to your heart. You can either give in monetary terms or in your time. You will feel a greater sense of connection with the world.
Making an effort to give can be a demonstration of the simplest things, such as letting somebody go in front of you in traffic or holding the door open for a stranger.

To develop into a better person, I always say that this is the best gift you can give to your friends, family, work colleagues etc. We should all be continuing to do better and act better.
Personal development is not just a text book exercise. Yes, there are books and tools that can assist you but your development comes from how you choose to interact with people. Spend time checking how you react to challenging situations. Do you always try to bring peace to a situation? Are you able to put you hand up and apologise when you know that your in the wrong.
The above is a list of the top resolutions for women. However, you may have your own.

For your resolutions and goals to have a chance of being attained you need ask yourself a few questions, such as:

What will I change?
Why do I want to change?
What will my life look like if I were to make those changes? Write it down, be detailed and graphical in your description.
Is your reason for change big enough?
What is motivating you to change?
Why haven’t you made these changes before?
What will it mean to you and your life if you do not change?

Fast forward to December 2013. What will your life look like? What resolutions or goals did you achieve? Are you elated that you have achieved what you said you were going to achieve or are you entering 2014 with the same dusty list you have been trying to resurrect or work through for a number of years. Or have you given up completely and lost faith in New Year’s Resolutions setting goals and living your dreams?

I have given you a few questions here and it is an opportunity to really dig deep, get some clarity into your goals, your thinking and mind-set surrounding them.

If today was the last day of your life what would you want your life to look like? Ooo I know I may have hit a raw nerve here. But really, if today was your last day would you feel that you have achieved what you wanted to achieve. What would be your legacy?

If you are a Woman in your 40’s, this is your time. A fair number of you may be thinking that it is make or break when it comes to a new direction in life, love, career, finances etc. You maybe reflecting on what you have achieved to this point. You may have spent the last 20+ years giving your all to everybody else and you may be feeling fed up and lacking direction. Maybe you have been thinking about what the rest of your life has in store for you.


Even if you do not realise it, we are always searching for what can make us happier in life.
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    24th January 2013 at 4:02 pm

    Great post Sonia. These ideas and tips will definitely help make 2013 a brighter and better year! Keep it up! Tony

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