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7 Day Challenge

Hey Ladies

Yes I am going to challenge you!  Why? You may ask.

Well I am going to throw down the gauntlet. Most of you have been following me for a little while now and you know that I am passionate about the 40+ woman stepping out of her humdrum existence and creating the life of her dreams.

As I shared with you a few weeks ago. You do not have to wait until the new year to start making changes in your life.

That is why I am challenging you because I want you to make a change NOW! No more excuses ladies, its time to get things moving.

So for the next 7 days I want you to do something that takes you towards your goals and the life of your dreams.

I have put together a quick video, giving you more information about the challenge and how you can join in.


Looking forward to you joining me and the other women on this 7 day challenge.

Much Love

Sonia x

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