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Sonia Greyson-Newman

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    My Morning Routine Video

    Another different video from me. In this video, I take you into my world and share with you my morning routine. I have been following this morning routine for a number…

  • Style

    Zara Come Shopping With Me

    This post is a Zara Come Shopping With Me video. It’s the first time I had recorded a video like this and it was a lot of fun. I show you…

  • Lifestyle

    Healthy Aldi Shop Video

    Today I am posting on my blog another fairly recent video that I uploaded to my YouTube channel entitled Healthy Aldi Shop Video. This video was highly requested by my followers…

  • Style

    Style Try On Video

    Hey All My site has been down for some time and I was unable to upload any posts. This has now been rectified, but whilst the site was down I did…

  • Lifestyle

    May 2019 Favourites

    I receive a lot of positive feedback on my ‘favourites’ videos. Here is my most recent one, showcasing my May 2019 Favourites. These videos are always fun to record and are…

  • Inspiration

    How To Spring Clean Your Life!

    Hey Beautiful It’s that time of the year again. Yes, in the northern hemisphere spring has sprung everything feels fresh. The change of seasons is always a good time to make…