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  • Inspiration

    7 Goal Setting Tips

    Hey Gorgeous We are well into December and I am spending time thinking about the energy a number of people had at the start of the year.  So many were excited about all…

  • Empowerment Inspiration

    Words To Live By

      Give me the strength to stand firm  Give me the courage to face my fears  Give me the patience to be kind  Give me the energy to have fun Give…

  • Empowerment Inspiration

    Becoming 50!

    In May I celebrated my 50th Birthday. For me, each birthday is a time for reflection. I am fortunate that my birthday falls towards the end of May which is almost…

  • Inspiration

    The Power Of Affirmations

    Affirmations are amazing, they serve as little reminders to keep me focused and positive. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that quotes and affirmations alone will necessarily change…

  • Inspiration

    What Being 49 Means To Me!

    Top By – Izelia Fashion Hey Loves Today marks two weeks since my 49th Birthday. Since that time I have been reflecting on what being 49 years old means to me,…

  • Inspiration

    Being Optimistic Really Helps!

    Hey Loves I have been thinking about so many things of recent. My Dad had to have unexpected and major surgery last month. We as a family, including my Dad decided…