September Implementation! 

Hey Loves!!

How is it going?

I am so excited for this month. I have a number of big things happening my personal life.

I also have decided to use September to do  a number of things that I have been on the back burner that now need some Implementation.

You know we all have those things that we may have started and stopped. Or that thing that makes you say to yourself  “If I had started to XYZ some time ago I would have gotten so far by now.

So taking on from my own advice from my recent posts. It is about doing something….. my word for the month is implementation.

For the month of September I will be pushing forward (with ease) into the direction I want to go. Some of the activities will manifest this month, while for others, I will do the ground work now and enjoy the manifestation in due course.

Here is a list of some of the things I have to do this month. I am sharing this hoping that it motivates you to be clear about what you have to achieve this month.

  • Continue posting regular content on the blog.
  • Broadcast on periscope (I did my first live broadcast last Saturday.Yay!)
  • Celebrate my 3rd Wedding Anniversary – It’s today… 3 years already.. Wow!
  • Celebrate my Grandson’s 1st birthday – This little boy brings so much joy to my heart.
  • Travel to Dublin, Ireland – looking forward to this.
  • Start the production regular content on my YouTube channel from mid-October.
  • Get back on my self-care program (to be honest, I have let things slip a little in the last few weeks).
  • Got some other big things happening this month. However, I am not going to share right now but will do on social media.

To help me organise, prepare and execute I have purchased a list book from Paperchase (£8.00).  I love the design, in particular I really like the the fact that it has post-it-note style mini section as well as sticky tags that I can use to prioritise tasks.

I am a list person and can be really productive if I use them to structure what I have to do.

Image1 (3)



I am sharing this post because we all have so much to-do, family, work, businesses etc . In this fast paced world it can be easy to get overwhelmed and not implement the things you set out to do.

Maybe lists are not your thing and you have your own system that helps you implement your tasks. I would love to hear about what works for you.  Let me know what works for you..

I will check in and update you in the first week in October.

Until next time

Sonia xx



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    Angela Eastmind
    9th September 2015 at 8:31 am

    Hi Sonia, you have given me the motivation & idea of how to implement my ideas & goals, I have also put on the back burner. Getting myself a diary this week! To do list each day, ooooh the joy of ticking each task off as I complete it!

    Thank you for your email & for kick starting my brain. I’m on it! Wishing you every success in all you do

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