Where Is The Sun? 7 Quick Tips to ‘Lighten Up Your Life’

Where’s the sun?

Although I am currently suffering from a cold and feeling a little under the weather, I  could not help but notice as I go about my day and speak to people that many are  feeling a little low because of a lack of summer sun.

Whilst the sun is taking a break across the UK is it also taking its toll on your mood?

I know many of us look forward to the summer months of warm sunny days and mild, bright, long evenings.

Some of my clients have asked me how do I stay positive when the weather is so dull and damp.

So I thought I would share some great tips for ‘Lighting Up Your Life’ even when the sun is taking a break.

Get Outside

Although the sun is not shining a lot at the moment, we only need  approximately 10 minutes of sunlight each day for our bodies to absorb its daily requirement of vitamin D. We have a higher risk of vitamin D deficiency in the northern hemisphere and this can be a contributive factor to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or Winter Blues as it is otherwise known. Some of the symptoms of the winter blues are  mood changes, depression, social problems, eating disorders, disturbed sleep patterns. So get out side and enjoy the sunshine (even a little)  everyday.

Eat Well

We can lift our mood by ensuring we have a balanced diet. Many foods are rich with nutrients that are natural mood enhancers and in contrast many, fatty, sweet, processed  and caffeine laden foods have a negative effects on your mood.


A great way of lifting your spirits is to have a sense of appreciation for what you have rather than focusing on what you don’t.

Try not to just focus on the material things, but turn your attention on the things we generally take for granted. For example whilst we are experiencing wet and rainy weather here in the UK, other’s around the world are suffering from an intense drought that could be the catalyst for the worst famine we have seen for years.  Keeping a gratitude journal is a way of expressing what you are grateful for.


The effects of exercise on us are not only physical. There are many psychological benefits from keeping active, such as increased self-esteem. In fact people who are suffering from depression are often advised by their doctors to exercise. Our bodies produce chemicals such as endorphins known to have strong effects on mood, self-esteem etc. 

Music and Dancing

We all have a favorite summer song.  One of mine is  Summer Breeze by the Isley Brothers. Just humming it makes me feel good inside whether the sun is shining or not.  Music can be a great mood enhancer so put on your favorite song and dance like nobody is watching!


Not only does sex feel good but its effects on the mind and body are phenomenal. It is known to lift your mood, burn calories and increase self-esteem to name a few. So when its raining outside, close the curtains and get busy!

Get Away

And if the need for some sun is really getting to you then one of the great ways to put a smile on your face is to book a last-minute get way to sunnier climate.

I hope this quick fix guide will help you feel better while we wait for the sun to make its appearance again…


Remember we are the ones in control of  ‘Lighting Our Lives’.

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    21st July 2011 at 11:29 am

    Thanks Sonia, I know which ones I like best, but I am going to try ALL of them xx

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